While most people probably think of all the mess that comes after a married couple separates as “divorce”, in a legal sense the divorce only relates to the termination of the marriage.  The “divorce” application does not actually include dividing up assets, working out if any spousal maintenance should be paid and/or sorting out the care arrangements for the children.

Applying for a Divorce

Divorce, or the termination of the legal marriage is a relatively straightforward process.  As we are blessed with a no-fault Family Law system, all a separated spouse needs to prove in order to obtain a divorce order is that they have been separated from the other spouse for at least 12 months.  This can be a little more difficult to prove if part of that period of separation has occurred under the one roof (“separation under the one roof”) as further evidence of separation will need to be provided.  Your ex-spouse will need to be personally served with your Application for Divorce and supporting documentation and, if you have children under 18 years of age, appearance at the divorce hearing is required, unless it is a joint application.  If you are legally represented, then your lawyer appears at the divorce hearing on your behalf.

Some people choose to apply for the divorce themselves.  If you prefer to leave the paperwork (and attending the divorce hearing) to a professional, we can take care of all aspects of applying for and obtaining a divorce for you.


Before applying for a divorce it is important to have finalise your property settlement with your ex-spouse.  The reason for this is that under the Family Law Act 1975, a married person has a period of 12 months after the date of their divorce to file an application for property orders.  Applications to the Family Law Courts after this time first need to obtain the court’s permission to file their application late.  This can be expensive, particularly if you are not successful.


We understand it can be intimidating and confusing when you have to deal with legal claims. Take the stress out of the process and schedule a meeting to discuss your needs. To us, you’re not just a number, and we want to alleviate the pain you may be experiencing. When you need family lawyers in Melbourne to assist you with legal issues, we’re here for you.