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Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance Lawyers VIC

Worried about how you’ll make ends meet following a separation? You might be entitled to spousal maintenance. It’s important that you seek advice from a family lawyer.

You’ve probably heard of “alimony”? It’s often referenced in American TV and movies.

This is where a partner has to keep financially supporting their partner after the divorce.

It works differently in Australia. If you think you may be entitled to spousal maintenance or your ex is wanting you to pay spousal maintenance, we can assess your situation and advise you on the likelihood of a claim for spousal maintenance being successful.

What is spousal maintenance?

Following the breakdown of a relationship, one party may be required to pay to the other party an amount for financial support. The payment is usually periodic (weekly or monthly) and can also be paid as a lump sum amount. This is in addition to rights to a Property Division.

Spousal Maintenance is different from Child Support which is payable for the costs of care of the children.

How to apply for spousal maintenance

Please contact our law firm. We are experienced in assisting people like you with a spousal maintenance application.

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