Negotiating an agreement with an ex-partner (the other parent) about how the care of your child/ren is going to be shared is, for many people, the most difficult aspect of their Family Law dispute.  The sudden change in living arrangements which usually results in neither parent being able to see their children every day is often distressing for the whole family and can take some adjustment.  Uncertainty as to how the care of your children is going to be shared can often lead to more conflict, fear and resentment.

For many reasons, it is often difficult for separated parents to negotiate appropriate care arrangements for their children.  In the period immediately after separation, emotions are running high and parents may be grieving the loss of their relationship and family unit.  This process is often significantly more difficult and traumatic where there has been domestic violence/abuse, mental health issues and/or substance abuse issues.  There may also be problems arising from different parenting styles, distances between each parents’ home and cultural and religious factors.

Post separation care arrangements that work best for one family may not be what is best or practical for another family.  Care arrangements that are in the best interests of very young children will likely be different for primary school aged children and potentially different again for secondary school aged children.

No family is the same and we provide a range of options and solutions tailored specifically for your family’s individual needs while, as much as it possible, minimising the stress of disputes about your children.


We understand it can be intimidating and overwhelming when you have to deal with Family Law disputes.  Let us help take the stress out of the process and schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs. To us, you’re not just a number, and we are dedicated to helping you navigate your way through this difficult time.

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